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Read bio's via JSON format. - /api/getbio/xxxxx
Returns: {"cident": "xxxxx", "character_title": "Your name here.", "character_content": "Your content here.", "result": "character_found"}

Edit bio - /api/editbio
POST: username=******&password=******&ident=*REQUIRED*&name=*OPTIONAL*&bio=*REQUIRED*
Returns: {"result": "name from fh-bio.net/00000 was modified successfully!", "status": 200}

Create bio - /api/createbio
POST: username=******&password=******&biotype=is_character|is_group
Returns: {"result": "Successfully created bio!", "cident": "$hsah", "bioname": "$hash"}

Reads a list of user's bio - /api/list_my_bio
POST: username=******&password=******
Returns: {"cident": ["000000"], "name": ["character"], "bio": ["This is my bio."], "type": ["character"], "result": "Characters and Groups found!"}

Login to your account - /api/login
POST: username=******&password=******
Returns: {"accountusr": "Your username", "accountpsw": "Your password", "accountemail": "Your account's email address.", "result": "Success"}

Create's an account automatically. - /api/create_account
Returns: {"accountusr": "random sha512 hash.", "accountpsw": "Random generated password using hash.", "accountemail": "Random generated sha512 hash@fh-bio.net", "result": "Account created!"}

Created by NinetalesStar